About Internships

UNF’s Department of Communication requires that every student graduating from its program enroll in a three-credit-hour course (MMC 4975) in which they will either complete an internship or an in-depth research paper.  This website is designed for those students interested in undertaking an internship experience.  You may explore the approved internship sites listed on this websites before applying to any one to determine if it would be an appropriate internship for you.

Alternatively, you may find your own internship site but it must be approved by the department before you will be able to enroll.  Applications for both unapproved and approved internship sites are also located on this website under the tab “Forms.”  Once completed, they should be turned in at the front desk in the main communication office.

Please note that deadlines for turning in application are specified under this same tab as well as on the home page of this website along the right-hand side.


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Approved internship sites

Be a journalist

Approved internship sites

SPJ News

Approved internship sites


Approved internship sites

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