Beson4 Media Group

Detailed Job Description:

  • Manage and write posts for BrightLink’s social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook)
  • Manage and write posts for Beson4’s social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram)
  • Participate and conduct client, potential and current, competitive research
  • Creating lead generation email lists
  • Writing and sending out monthly Beson4 newsletter, using MailChimp
  • Research current event articles for the marketing, advertising and technology industries for social media posts
  • Proofing client websites
  • Assist with the planning and execution of Beson4 events
  • Assist with odd job and administrative duties around the office
  • Track and evaluate social media interactions using Sprout Social
  • Attend creative concept meetings to help brainstorm and come up with new, innovative ideas for Beson4’s clients

Contact approved supervisors Kelli Loberger at, or Alelie Hall at for more information.

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Approved internship sites

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