FreshMinistries and Be The Change International

FreshMinistries, Inc. is a non-profit, interfaith organization working to battle the root causes of poverty through education, job training, health initiatives and family support. For nearly 30 years we have worked to create opportunity in core city Jacksonville, through adult job training, youth programs, support for small businesses and, most recently, urban aquaponic farming. In addition to outreach in Jacksonville, Florida, FreshMinistries and its international arm, Be The Change International Inc., have managed health and anti-poverty initiatives around the world.

FreshMinistries is looking for an intern to assist the communication manager with our youth programs and adult training. We are looking for someone who is very creative and can bring fresh ideas to the organization!

Job Description:

  • Producing and distributing media announcements
  • Producing brochures and promotional flyers
  • Promotion of our programs through social media, including our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email marketing.
  • Taking photographs and shooting video to distribute to media outlets and post on social media
  • Working as needed with advertising and marketing agencies to promote our programs
  • Attending promotional events such as trade fairs and community displays where FreshMinistries has a presence

Contact Susan Singer at

Learn more at  


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