Gemstone Media Inc.

Gemstone Media Inc. is one of the largest media/television post-production companies in Northeast Florida, employing 8 full-time, 2 part-time staff and over 200 Freelance Professionals. The company is a full-service provider of media at all levels from script to screen- concept to completion marketing, corporate communications, advertising and training materials of the highest quality. Specializing in closed-captioning and live sports production at all levels in the Southeast.

Intern(s) are expected to commit and abide by an established (agreed upon) schedule during the internship.

Complete involvement as a “Production Assistant” on remote productions and live events. Which includes, assistance on preparing, loading/unloading all equipment and assets necessary for a given production. Providing support to the Producer with routine needs such as staffing logistics, errands and other minor needs during these events.

Observing the work flow in post-production, including direct involvement in conceptualizing, script writing/coordination and involvement in all technical aspects of production.

Observing the work flow in live event productions, including direct involvement in set-up/breakdown and routine needs.

Learning how to operate and become proficient on the various equipment and software used in production including High Definition Cameras, Microphone systems, Lighting Gear and Non-Linear Editing systems.

Learn basic lighting techniques and how to use the instruments/tools required.

Learn the basics of closed-captioning and various software systems used to generate various video formats and file transfer protocols necessary for delivery of content.

Learn essential decorum when on production shoots and working with clients

Learn and comprehend all services provided by Gemstone Media Inc.

Contact President/Co-Owner of Gemstone Media Inc., POC/CEO-Founder, George I. Birnbaum at for more information.


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