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Description of GratitudeAmerica & Comprehensive Resource Guide
GratitudeAmerica’s mission is to champion an alliance of service & support organizations that
partner to provide comprehensive community resources for veterans, their families, and the families of
the fallen. These American heroes are owed a debt we can never fully repay, but we are passionate about making a significant difference in their lives. GratitudeAmerica is working to expand our network of alliance members that can assist us in directing our heroes and families to the myriad support services available to them. Since our launch in 2012, our initial focus has been on developing a resource guide for current and prior service men and women in Northeast Florida. We hope this resource guide assists the government, nonprofit, private and faith-based institutions serving our military heroes by facilitating connections and referrals between the organizations listed in the guide.

UNF Senior Communication students will complete their senior internship by promoting the
newly created comprehensive resource guide for Northeast Florida veterans by creating videos, news articles, and other outreach campaign materials during the semester. Students may also be asked to help improve the resource guide itself.

This project will run during the semester. Students will spend the first three weeks in pre-production and then will shoot 1video bi-weekly that will be released every other Friday afternoon. Students will also be assisting in the production of news articles that will appear in local papers along with additional social media/outreach materials every two weeks.

Pre-Production Phase: The first two/three weeks of school students will spend their weekly 15 hours will be focused on pre-production for each of the 5 Videos being produced during the semester. This will include each of the students preparing and pitching ideas for videos for each of the 5 two week periods at the conclusion of the pre-production phase. Students will also be required to complete background research on GratitudeAmerica, the resource guide, and the organizations that will be highlighted in each of the videos throughout the semester. Students will be expected to draw out a “storyboard” for the first video. Students will also be expected to create a production schedule, schedule for release of the video/outreach materials, and the creation of an equipment list for the semester including who will be responsible for obtaining video equipment weekly.

Production Phase: Students will spend 4 to 5 hours shooting the content for the week’s video. 2 to 3 hours is budgeted for travel and set­ up. 5 to 6 hours are dedicated to editing. The final 2 to 4 hours are dedicated to development of the social media/community outreach campaign for the week. Student who specializes in writing/journalism will likely spend a larger portion of their time preparing for the following week’s videojoutreach materials and working in coordination with Executive Director on weekly news articles.

Post Production Phase: During the last month of the semester students will create standard operating procedures and recommendations to ensure that the following semester’s senior internship program is even more successful. They will also create a final video that will highlight and present the semester’s project.

Students will meet with GratitudeAmerica’s Executive Director weekly to ensure that each week’s program is proceeding smoothly. Mr. November (resume attached) has extensive experience in the creation of outreach/marketing materials as he has worked as an Executive in non profits for the past decade. A network of industry professionals will be helping guide the project every step of the way will also supervise the students. This will include the guidance of GratitudeAmerica’s advisory board member and professional producer jack English (resume attached). This supervision would take place at UNF’s Veteran Resource Center or at another suiable location on UNF’s campus.

Each week students will develop a video, news article, and additional outreach materials about a local service or support organization that provides assistance to local veterans, their families, or the families of the fallen (i.e. K-9s for Warriors, Veterans Farm etc). By promoting an organization from each of the various service categories (i.e. healthcare, employment, transportation etc.) both the service organization and the resource guide itself will be promoted. The links to these videos will also be imbedded into the corresponding section of the resource guide for long term viewing. One goal of this project is to have these various organizations gain ownership over the resource guide and promote it on their websites etc. The students will be expected to create a 30 second promo spot for TV News clip and a 1-3 minute video for web distribution each two week period.

1. Students will be able to place project on their resume as one in which they worked in a professional setting.
2. Students will be working on a project that benefits the community.
3. Students will take project all the way from concept to distribution.
4. Students will have opportunity to practice each step in the production process on a professional scale.

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