Money Pages

Internship Description

The Money Pages is a high quality, full-color; direct response publication that is mailed monthly into nearly every single home in Jacksonville and its surrounding markets (currently reaching over 619,000 households). Additionally, we have divided Jacksonville into 12 zones, or neighborhoods, so customers have the option to geographically target specific areas of town as well as gain market share and reinforce loyalty with their existing customer base if they so choose.

In addition to the magazine, we offer Direct Mail marketing that can specifically target customers in any way you can imagine: geographically, by demographics, socioeconomics, or lifestyles.  From people who applied for a home loan, to families that live in gated communities, we can help put together a customized direct mail campaign targeting any potential consumer.  We also design and print logos, brochures, menus, flyers, promo cards…anything that must be designed and/or printed Money Pages can help with.

The goal of the internship at the Money Pages is to allow select participants the chance to be a part of the entire sales and marketing process.  They will target and select a business(es), get an appointment with the decision maker(s), uncover their marketing challenges and utilize the companies resources to help solve their customers marketing needs.  They will work with our design department to develop an ad for the marketing campaign, and make sure it gets into the publication in a timely manner.

The internship is unpaid to start but if select candidates are able to sell and design more than one ad campaign, there is an option to get paid on the additional work.

The desired candidate will be a people person, have a good understanding of the existing advertising landscape in North Florida, have the ability to talk in front of individuals or groups in a selling capacity, and have a solid working understanding of computers.  Applicants will be asked to demonstrate their ability to communicate information both verbally and in the form of written presentations.

This internship will provide candidates the chance to be involved in selling and designing a marketing campaign from beginning to end.  They will also be able to gauge return on investment for their customer(s).

To be successful at The Money Pages, you must have the desire to succeed, initiative, team skills, effective communication ability and high ethical standards. In return, The Money Pages commits to treating employees with integrity, dignity and respect. The Money Pages invests in the development of our people. In recent years the company has been in a high growth mode. This has provided many growth opportunities for internal people. It has also emphasized the need for all Money Pages employees to be adaptable and receptive to change. We are part of a family-owned business that has grown and prospered because of this ability to adapt to this ever changing world.


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