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Marketing Communications Internship Overview

OnPay Solutions is seeking an intern in Marketing Communications to assist in supporting the company’s inbound marketing communications initiatives.  The intern will be provided with daily and weekly tasks and will trained on using HUBSPOT for posting and/or updating web pages, as well as HUBSPOT’s extensive inbound marketing tools.  During the internship they will have an opportunity better understand the requirements or becoming “Inbound Certified,” though “certification” is not required or included in the internship.

The ideal candidate will be interested in learning more about how to apply coursework to marketing efforts and how to utilize inbound marketing to grow leads and sales for a company. The candidate will have some experience in applied research methods and in business writing and communications.  Experience or a background in graphic design would be a plus.

Projects/duties include:

  1. Pitching stories and infographics to trade and industry websites and publications as well as working on securing backlinks from other sites.
  2. Assisting with research and writing projects that may include marketing copy, white-papers, research reports, web articles, and etc.
  3. Proofing written materials like article postings, email newsletters, and marketing copy
  4. General competitive and market information gathering and organization
  5. Coordination of various marketing, public relations, and communications related activities

Ideally, we believe that our qualified candidates would have the following prerequisites as indicated below.

Intro Mass Communications and 2 or more of the following:

Reporting / Digital Storytelling Basics / Business and Financial Journalism / Social Media Journalism / Sr. Comm Seminar / Graphic Publication and Design / Communication Research / Effective Communications Strategies / Public Relations Writing / Effective Communication Strategies

Note that this is a paid internship paying $12.00 per hour.

Application Process

Example: Please send resume and cover letter along with several writing samples to Juliet Negrete-Anderson



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