Schultz Center

• PR/Marketing Schultz Center Professional Building Rental Facilities o Develop social media plan for facility rental
o Develop other avenues to reach target audience o Website maintenance
o Data entry
o Speaking engagements to local business about rental opportunities

• EdSpark (One Spark Education Venu during festival)
o Assist EdSpark planning and execution of event
• PR/Marketing of event
• Social media
• Print
• Loca I news spots
• International news spots
• Recruit volunteers
• Fundraising
• Develop thematic direction of venue
• Event logistics
• Data entry

• PR/Marketing Schultz Center Professional Development Courses o Statewide marketing to certificated Florida teachers
o Develop social media plan
o Develop other avenues to reach target audience o Website maintenance

• Additional Exposure to:
o Grant writing
o Accounting practices
o Learning management systems

Applicant should have experience in social media, marketing and public relations, as well, creating word, power point, and excel documents. This is an unpaid position. 12-15 hours a week, based on the applicants willingness and proficiency. During the months leading up to EdSpark and the week of the event hours will increase greatly, and the applicant should expect to work additional time. The above description is not limited to the list above and may change based up Schultz Center directives.

Contact approved supervisor Becky Schechterle at


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Approved internship sites

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