The Bridge

The Bridge of Northeast Florida, Inc. is a non-profit agency whose goal is to provide the children that live in some of Jacksonville’s most crime infested, impoverished neighborhoods with the opportunities they need to overcome barriers brought on by living in poverty that block them as they aspire to better their lives. The Bridge operates a “holistic” model that addresses academics, health, social enrichment, mentoring, job skills training and jobs. The Bridge main campus is located in the inner city and the agency also operates nine satellite programs in targeted elementary, middle and high schools and a program in a low income housing community. In addition, the agency has a history of private and public partnerships that provide productive, successful opportunities for the children and teens in our programs. The Bridge partners with Duval County Public Schools for an Alternative to Out-of-School Suspension program and an alternative public high school for over aged students.

The general duties of our Public Relations intern includes, but are not limited to:

  •  Public Relations writing including media alerts, press releases, feature stories and Social Media Interaction such as FACEBOOK posts and Constant Contact emails.
  • Interns will assist with normal day-to-day activities within the department including mass mailings, drafts of fundraising letters, operation of donor database, interviews for press releases of other agency staff.
  • Interns will work closely with supervisors. Interns will gain experiential learning in the real and exciting world of Public Relations within a nonprofit agency development department. Interns will have an opportunity to network with other professionals.

Contact  Crystal Parks at


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