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Are you a sports fan? Have you ever thought about Sports Podcasting? If you are, this internship is just what you’re looking for. An internship with College Sports Today will allow sports-minded students the opportunities to experience hands-on sports reporting in our podcasting format. We’re looking for students who can cover local sports and talk national sports. (Heavy emphasis on college sports)

We want students who can handle the technical aspects of video podcasting and cover events independently. Our supervisor will guide students along and help them grow in the world of 21st century podcasting/broadcasting. Students will learn from our professionals in the following production and journalism areas:

  • Podcasting Video & Audio Sports Production
  • Digital Graphics for podcasting using the vMix operating system
  • Writing for commercial broadcast and social media
  • Content strategies
  • Sports Writing for Broadcast
  • Live nightly production (must be able to work afternoons and evenings)
  • Booking guests which will allow for many sports media contacts
  • Possible On-Air weekly segment production/hosting (students will co-host a segment once a week, segment named “Intern Insight.” The segment should consist of 3-5 topics, research and insight produced by the intern on topics of interest to them. (This can include current pop culture happenings) The “Intern Insight” will allow students to experience live broadcasting and provide content for the resume website.)
  • On-Air guest hosting when applicable

Special consideration will also be made to each individual intern’s particular skills and career aspirations in order to customize the internship to his/her interests.

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