B.S. in Communication

School of Communication Internship Program Guidelines
MMC 4975 Senior Project

First Things First: Are You Qualified for the Internship Program?

To qualify for an Internship in Communication (MMC 4975 Internship Senior Project) you must meet the following criteria or you will NOT be approved.

  1. Be a senior communication major (must have completed at least 90 credit
    hours) at the time of the internship.
  2. Have completed:
    • MMC 1004 (Media Literacy)
    • MMC 3105 (Advanced Writing for the Media)
    • MMC 3200 (Law & Ethics of Communication)
    • MMC 3614 (Media Theories and Effects)
    • MMC 3942 (Pre-Internship)
    • MMC 4420 (Mass Communications Research or Advertising & PR Research)
      and at least three upper division courses
      (3000-4000 level) in your chosen concentration – check with your advisor or Program of Study for course listing..
  3. Be in good academic standing with UNF and possess a major GPA of 2.0 or higher. NOTE: if your GPA is 2.0 or higher at the time the internship is approved but drops below a 2.0 before you begin, your enrollment in MMC 4975 will be cancelled.

Important Information for You to Know

● You cannot register for internship (MMC 4975) online with the rest of your
courses until you have turned in a completed packet and are approved by the internship coordinator. Then an official email will be sent to your UNF email account giving you permission to register.

● Internship locations will evaluate you just as they evaluate regular employees.
This means that poor performance on your part can lead to your dismissal. If that
happens you will receive a grade of “F.”

● Students may not intern at their place of employment unless their internship
duties will provide learning experiences that differ from and go beyond those of the
regular job responsibilities.


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Approved internship sites

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