North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Mission Statement

To promote the economic success of our members through the use of environmental, socially responsible and sustainable business practices.

Vision Statement

The Chamber’s vision is to facilitate educational and networking opportunities for businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies, and individuals alike on environmentally friendly practices to create long-term sustainability programs and policies that advocate for the betterment of our community and the environment.


To empower businesses and communities to grow through achieving the triple bottom line; economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Internship Duties:

  • Draft communication that the chamber will share with the public or send out to members and supporters; press releases, flyers, invites, posters, etc.
  • Draft and/or edit articles for website content and social media platforms
  • Come up with ideas for advertising campaigns; member drives, postcards, fundraising logos, graphic design, catch phrases, etc.
  • Plan, advertise and attend some of our professional networking events

Please contact approved supervisor, Christina Kelcourse by email at for more information.



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Approved internship sites


Approved internship sites

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