Connect Agency

Connect Agency is a smart digital marketing agency in Downtown Jacksonville. We act as the outsourced marketing team for our clients and we handle everything from social ads and email campaigns to brand development and website building.

No matter what we do, our team keeps hunting for the best layout, the right angle, and the freshest take. We make creative that is really smart and really good-looking. Like if Albert Einstein were cute.

Our interns have to rock. If you play it safe and want to just get a passing grade, we’re sure there are other agencies that will accommodate. If you want to hit the ground running and have an impact on anything you touch, keep reading.

Basic Intern Responsibilities:

  • Be awesome, amazing, etc.
  • Research and creation of social campaigns
  • Engage with people on our clients’ social channels
  • Participate in team meetings and collaborate on new ideas
  • Research new angles, new tactics, and new solutions for our clients
  • Build email newsletters
  • Have a voice and use it to help campaigns thrive
  • Help draft reports for clients

Contact Stephen Freeman at for more information.


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