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ITG Next, previously known as In the Game, is a company whose goal is to highlight student athletes through a television show on WJXT, a bi-monthly magazine and social media. Through this internship, you will have opportunities to be on the television show by doing stand-ups at games and by editing a variety of sports packages. The internship is very hands-on and will give you opportunities to work on your on-camera, filming, writing, and editing skills.

The tasks that you would be responsible for are as followed:

  • Film stand-ups at a variety of high school and college sports
  • Edit packages for the show such as football games, YMCA events, etc.
  • Shoot B-roll at events using DSLR cameras
  • Prepare for stand-ups by researching teams or organizations
  • Assist with social media by creating videos and taking photos at events


Tyrah Walker, ITG Next Reporter:

Kendra Ehrenberg:

Susannah Parmenter:


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