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Contingent upon completion of a successful drug and background check, I will be in position to extend an internship at The Florida Times-Union to a University of North Florida student.

The selected candidate will be directly supervised by Managing Editor of Specialty Audience Joe DeSalvo and interim metro Editor Mary Kelli Palka. The intern will gain valuable experience in writing, copy editing and preparing editorial content for The Florida Times-Union, its ancillary publications and Jacksonville.com. In addition, those students interested in graphic design and photography will gain professional experience in those areas as well.

This internship is directed to academic pursuits and gaining marketable experience rather than to employment with the Times-Union. Thus, the selected candidate will not become an employee at the end of the internship.

We hope the select candidate’s experience at The Florida Times-Union will contribute to his or her development as a journalist.

Contact approved supervisor Joe Desalvo at joe.desalvo@jacksonville.com



Approved internship sites

Be a journalist

Approved internship sites

SPJ News

Approved internship sites


Approved internship sites

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